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Les solutions que nous déployons répondent à tous les critères de sécurité légale, et ce, dans tous les environnements métiers bureaux, entrepôts, usines, établissements de santé et d’enseignement ainsi qu'urbains.


Caméras réseau

For vigilant home and business owners, Hikvision offers a complete, professional-grade “Easy IP” video surveillance system that connects you to your entire property and gives you reassurance that it is safeguarded. This HD solution is easy to install, easy to connect, easy to store, and easy to view — allowing you to experience the true benefits and value that IP surveillance has to offer.

Caméras analogiques

Each iteration of the Turbo HD product portfolio advances the technology to the next amazing level. Version 1.0 took analogue resolutions from 420 TVL up to Hi-Def 1080p – by nothing more than plugging old wires into new cameras and DVRs! Fast-forward a few years to version 4.0, where Turbo products sent analogue signals up to 8 MP and began using the H.265 high-efficiency codec; what’s more, Hikvision’s signature H.265+ codec maintains 4K video while cutting bandwidth and storage requirements down by as much as 87%!

Caméra Thermique

Tous les objets dont la température est supérieure au zéro absolu émettent des rayonnements thermiques, même à faibles niveaux. Ce type de rayonnement, invisible à l’œil humain, peut être détecté par les capteurs d’une caméra thermique. Plus un objet est chaud, plus son rayonnement thermique est important. Les caméras thermiques peuvent rendre les images sur le spectre visuel en détectant les différences de température entre un objet et son environnement. Plus la différence sera importante, plus le contraste sera varié, rendant ainsi les détails visibles. Les caméras thermiques peuvent être utilisées pour des applications dans des environnements plus difficiles que les caméras pour lumière visible.

Deep Learning Products

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Caméras PTZ

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Encodeur & Décodeur

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Video Intercom

Hikvision’s Visual Intercom System enhances that human element to an electronic mode of communication – by allowing callers to see each other. But that’s not all. We also included a list of intelligent features that just might surprise you. This Visual Intercom extends surveillance capabilities, adding a level of safety to a user’s home. It creates a hub for emergency responses. It adds an access control dimension to reinforce a sense of safety in the home or workplace. And our echo- cancellation technology ensures high quality voice transmission, providing an exceptional user experience. All this and more can be easily managed with our mobile app.

Access Control

Complete, end-to-end solutions – from cameras to access controllers, from alarm relays to IP architecture, from door locks to DVRs, and more – have been meticulously engineered by the world’s largest R&D Development team in the security industry. Hikvision’s development facilities lead the industry in advancing the technology of every essential piece in an Access Control system. And we’re just getting started.


Hikvision is committed to providing complete and innovative solutions in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS). The latest solution from Hikvision Smart IP Solutions, the Intelligent Traffic System, includes dedicated, high-performance cameras for event capture, reliable embedded video terminals for event recording, and a centralized video management platform – perfectly unifying all the ITS devices and delivering service-extensible applications.

Stockage réseau

For over 10 years now, Hikvision’s industry-leading R&D department has provided state-of-the-art, application-specific data storage products, building a reputation for superior data security and sustainability for our customers.

With years of technological savvy, Hikvision has established an extensive and well-developed line of storage products, combining high data density, modularized design, video management, data safety, and device management technology. Together, these characteristics create the most advanced and flexible storage solutions available. Hikvision’s unique support for CVR, IPSAN, FCSAN, and other models, provides customers with autonomous control, stability, and efficiency.


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Transmission & Display

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